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Page 50-51, three questions are almost girls’ insecurities of having a flat chest, so this single : “I have large boobs than all of my friends. Because of this, my friends are embarrassed to live around ME because they recollect I’m very ill-natured and plump. I used to be real popular, but nowadays I find myself dorky and lonely.” Yikes! Really?? sexy sim game I developed breasts earlier than my friends and was definitely unsafe most them, wear large shirts, etc., simply NEVER did I of all time think my friends wouldn’t care Pine Tree State because of them. The message that people may not care you because of anything having to do with your physical appearance is ugly. I know information technology is rampant indium our culture, but I rattling would like to keep my youth daughter from being unclothed to this idea arsenic long as I can. I realise the book is nerve-wracking to keep these kinds of thoughts, just the wonder indium itself Crataegus oxycantha get girls wondering and thinking about these things, non to mention rhenium -enforcing the content that if you ar fat, you ar unlikable.

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