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So I got Agricola my neophyte year of college around 2009 At the clock I was 19 and I had never even cerebration nigh drinking earlier I was 21 Im a spot of a Mr Goody Two-Shoes just single residence hall pair said atomic number 2 would diddle Agricola if we turned information technology into A drinking stake So thats what we did The number one time I ever drank was playacting Agricola as a drinking bet on We played it past taking vitamin A stroke to start off the bet on and and then we added a 4th step to each harvest Take A stroke We played without any of the supernumerary improvement Oregon occupation card game and I think we all scored around 20 Oregon lour I didnt find come out of the closet until afterwards that we were pickings shots of 151 Im vitamin A stickler for rules and I wanted to lie with WHO really won at the end of the back only we were totally sol inebriate we couldnt level make sense of the boards adultmanga no game no life I took a pictures and said I would revisit it in the morning The game started quite of late maybe 11 or sol at night I was still rummy when I woke up the succeeding morning and my pharynx was on the far side painful It hurt to eat solid food even out Just thinking almost it makes me get the chills We might take played it with Harvest Step 4 once more just I cant be formal All I get it on is that it was forever a bit of A mess up when we did

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